Lenovo WFH 1

Lenovo IDG - Work for Humankind - leveraging the power of Lenovo devices and remote working to change the world for good

In a post-pandemic world where remote working has become the norm, we showcased what can be achieved from anywhere, when you combine people with skills and a desire to solve world problems with Lenovo IDG’s products and services.

We built a tech hub on the remote island of Robinson Crusoe equipped with the latest Lenovo devices – and ensured the island had a world-class internet connection to connect the population to the global economy.

Alongside organic content, we initiated a phased approach to paid media to boost global awareness of the Work For Humankind campaign and drive traffic to the website to encourage sign-ups.

This resulted in 4.5k sign-ups, as well as reaching over 21m people across 8 markets worldwide.

We enlisted skilled influencers and members of the public from the 8 markets involved, allowing visitors to do their jobs remotely while helping save local flora and fauna from extinction due to invasive plant and animal species.

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