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3 Monkeys Zeno - What Pride Month Means to Me

Every June, millions of individuals, organisations and companies across the globe celebrate Pride Month and the progress made over the years. The significance of this month and what it represents varies across segments of the LGBTQ+ community – a celebration for living an authentic life, a means to build awareness for important LGBTQ+ issues or a time to reflect on those who bravely came before us. As Pride Month comes to a close, we asked some of our Monkeys to share what this month means to each of them. 

Ian Green

What does Pride mean to me? Pride gets more and more important to me each year, even as we’re making headway with equality in the UK. We’re not there yet though, and the fight must go on for our LGBTQ+ community. 

For me, Pride is about being who I am. Accepting who I am, and being proud of who I am. Celebrating me! Pride is an opportunity to show others that it really is OK to be who you are. It’s wonderful and unique. Be content with who you are, be your authentic self, live it and breathe it. It should be a celebration of who we are and who we’ve become, of what’s gone before, and what’s to come… 

This quote by BOB PARIS sums things up nicely too: Every gay and lesbian person who has been lucky enough to survive the turmoil of growing up a survivor. Survivors always have an obligation to those who will face the same challenges.’ ”

David Lucas

With all the parties, dancing, glitter and fun, it can be easy to forget that Pride is – at its heart – a protest. The fact that many of us see Pride as a time for celebration shows how far we’ve come, but we can’t lose sight of the fact that there’s still work to be done. There are still 69 countries that criminalise homosexuality, while this week’s attacks on murals in Manchester’s gay village are a reminder that even more accepting societies face hateful behaviour. 

As the annual discussion of whether it’s acceptable for brands to add a rainbow flag for the month of June comes to a close, these are important reminders of why it’s important that organisations use their influence and insight to help counter some of the challenges still seen around the world. Using their platforms to promote diverse voices. Championing the causes that are pushing for equality. Working with others to find ways to stamp out hate. And not just doing that for one month of the year. 

So let’s continue to use Pride month (and beyond) to celebrate how far we’ve come. But let’s remember our past and others less fortunate than us, and push for the changes that are needed all year round.”

Elise Pearce

Pride is a space for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s about welcoming, valuing and celebrating others. Where the only acceptance you need is your own. It’s about love, authenticity, and strength. #LoveIsLove”

Rebecca Wagstaffe

As others have said more eloquently before me, gay rights are human rights. Everyone should be able to show up as themselves, especially at work. Full stop.”

Rebecca Stone

Pride means being able to be myself, no matter what, without fear”

What does Pride mean to you? #LoveisLove #PrideAtZeno #ZenoForEveryone #Thisis3MZ

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