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Am I number 5? - Wear white again

Breaking down taboos and challenging societal norms is never easy, but is sometimes necessary. 

Am I Number 5? was a ground-breaking campaign for Wear White Again (www​.wear​whitea​gain​.co​.uk), which supports and informs women with heavy periods, encouraging them to seek help. One in five women suffer from heavy periods. Many accept it as a normal part of being a woman and aren’t aware it is a treatable medical condition. Comprising new research, influencer and ambassador engagement and partnerships, Am I Number 5? was a powerful, disruptive, cross-channel campaign. It ignited a conversation by asking women to consider whether they are one of those affected. By shifting and informing the conversation around heavy periods, the campaign empowered women affected to move from acceptance to action, and to seek help as appropriate.

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