AirBnB - Understanding Airbnb’s host communities through social listening

Airbnb has grown at a phenomenal pace because of its convenience. 

A factor often overlooked in the company’s success is the role played by hosts: opening up their homes to strangers and provide recommendations about the local area. Airbnb wanted to better understand their feedback and pain points in order to continue growing its services.

We built a community hub using online forums and social media platforms to assess the most talked about areas by hosts, around Airbnb policy, guests and the technology platform in general.

Analysing the conversations of more than 20,000 blogs and social posts, we broke down the biggest trend drivers in terms of positive and negative sentiment.

This framework was repeated across six languages to give an increase in local market data. Delivering results in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese – there was a collection of insights around hosts, their wants and needs. 

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