Corona 100 Natural Bar 6 St Ives Cornwall 2

Corona - The 100% Natural Bar

We were tasked with raising awareness around Corona’s new product credentials – 100% natural ingredients – by creating a bar made from 100% natural materials. 

With lockdown rules easing allowing larger groups to gather again outside, the media became flooded with pictures of people disrespecting nature as they reconnected with each other. As a beer born on the beach with a long history of helping to protect paradise, we knew we had the authority to challenge people on the way they were reconnecting with friends in nature. 

We created The 100% Natural Bar. A unique venue on the Cornish coast, constructed from nature, to allow true reconnection with both friends and the natural world, without compromising either. Designed to bring all the benefits of the dream beach bar and of being surrounded by nature, without using any man-made materials, the bar left no trace afterwards – just as we urged the public to do. Because only a beer made from 100% natural ingredients, could create a bar made the same way. And only a beer brand with history of protecting nature could rightfully ask people to do the same. 

Corona 100 Natural Bar 1 St Ives Cornwall 1