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ServiceNow - Telling ServiceNow’s vaccine rollout story

We worked with ServiceNow to manage the announcement of its partnership with NHS Scotland to support the vaccine rollout. To plan for the news, we used media listening tools to track the conversation and identify key trends and potential issues that may cause negative reporting.

Working closely with NHS Scotland, we developed a story that was cognisant of external factors, while humbly presenting the ServiceNow solution as supporting ambitious vaccine rollout targets.

Focusing primarily on titles that covered Scotland to avoid being pulled into the UK national debate on how each administration was managing the pandemic, we supplemented this with outreach to UK technology trade titles that we knew would cover the technical side of the story in the detail needed to provide fully rounded coverage.

The result was coverage in each major Scottish national, explaining the benefits of the technology and why ServiceNow was the only vendor able to provide this. We also secured coverage in leading technology media, including an in-depth Q&A with Computer Weekly and the NHS Scotland CIO.

Most importantly, we avoided ServiceNow being pulled into negative conversations and presented it as a major part of managing the pandemic.

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