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Lindhals - Tastes Like Cheating

Everything that tastes bad is good for you. And everything that tastes good is bad for you.

But a spoonful of Lindahls has all the protein you need; and tastes like a cheat day. With Lindahl’s, you can have your cake (lemon cheesecake to be precise) and eat it too. And no, you’re not cheating, it just tastes like it. 

To bring Tastes like cheating’ to life, we created a vibrant, indulgent look and feel that resonates with a new audience.

We developed new design principles, colour palette and typography to be used across the product range, in campaigns & activations. We also updated the tone of voice, with the object of breaking the norms of what’s expected in gym culture and in health food.

Watch this space for how this comes to life in 2022 and beyond!

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