Fuze Tea - Mind Tingles

Looking into macro trends we found that well-being and commute moments’ were increasingly incorporating technology, yet people were still struggling for down-time. 

We launched a new celebrity ASMR podcast, Mind Tingles, hosted by the UK’s top ASMRtist Emma Smith (Whispers Red), with Fuze Tea championing the importance of mindfulness and me-time.

The podcast was designed to encourage listeners to relax and unwind on-the-go. Each of the three episodes featured a different celebrity guest – Daisy Lowe, Professor Green and Clara Amfo – who explored the world of ASMR and shared their tips and techniques to relax and unwind on the move, as well as how they take some me time’ and integrate mindfulness techniques as part of their busy careers and lifestyles. The campaign neatly embedded Fuze Tea in the world of wellbeing to carve out a unique reason for consumers to enjoy this drink. 

Mind tingles