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Aperol - Merry Spritzmas

Aperol Spritz is often associated with summer, so our challenge was to drive awareness outside of this peak time and drive trial on the run up to the festive season.

We created and launched the Aperol Merry Spritzmas jumper — a premium, Italian twist on the traditional Christmas jumper and sold a limited run via an AperolSpritzUK Etsy store. After a turbulent year for the hospitality industry, we added a charity element to the story by donating all proceeds to the Shaken Not Broken fund, which helps frontline bar staff impacted by the pandemic with mental health and wellbeing support, financial aid or educational grants.

Supported with a robust earned, owned, and paid amplification approach, the jumper proved so popular it sold out in under a week, raising a massive £18.5k for charity. It drove widespread coverage and buzz across channels, with celebrities, influencers and media all posting about the campaign. 

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