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Wray & Nephew - Engaging communities through culture with Wray & Nephew

In early 2019 we started work with Campari Group driving fame for its portfolio of whiskey and rum brands. 

Our brief for Wray & Nephew is to build awareness and consideration amongst Jamaican-connected 20 – 30 year olds, by reaching them in unique and disruptive ways. Our brand strategy is linked to drive overall sales while retaining the brand’s cultural relevance, credibility, and community love. The goal is to give the brands audience a reason to choose Wray & Nephew as their drink of choice by continuously adding value and leaving a positive lasting impression.

Wray & Nephew Overproof rum is a Jamaican icon. We looked at the pillars of Jamaican culture within London and saw that gentrification, high street degradation and government austerity had taken its toll. As a brand that stands for community, we wanted to look at how we could help. We identified that music is the universal unifier, bringing people together regardless of class or culture.

The Wray & Nephew team created the Wray Residency’ platform in the summer of 2019 to embed the brand in core communities around London. The events saw the brand work with local talent, creating a special one-off experience for the local community through intimate pop-up gigs in unusual community hotspots and empty retail spaces. This real-world activation was supported with a refined social strategy that saw a number of social channels close and focus brought to Instagram as our primary channel. Optimising different formats across the platform and incredibly targeted paid media we were able to inform, engage and grow our target audience by 44%.

To kick off 2020 we ripped up the rule book and took it up a notch – collaborating with grime artist, Kano, going to his hometown of Newham, and transforming its Leisure Centre into a once-in-a-lifetime performance for 400 people. Described as a triumphant homecoming” by media, the sold-out event was built entirely for the local community — from drinks to media and social strategy – delivering an unforgettable experience. Everything is continuously rooted in the local community with 100% of all proceeds (such as tickets and drink sales) from all events going back to local causes, supporting Black-British creativity and businesses, while spreading the Jamaican values of community.