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Lenovo - Cutting through in the remote learning boom

Covid-19 forced an overnight switch to home schooling. Post-pandemic, Lenovo wanted to ensure its devices continued to play a role in teaching and that some of the positive changes seen in the switch to remote learning were incorporated into the future of education. 

To bring Lenovo into the conversation, we assessed coverage, audience conversations, opportunities and pain points around remote learning to show understanding of both teachers – maintaining learning during lockdowns – and parents – juggling home schooling with work. 

To demonstrate commitment, we incorporated the launch of the company’s Digital Education Equity Programme into the campaign. Finally, we brought one of Lenovo’s educator partners in to provide a rounded perspective on the situation. 

Through researching educators and parents, we developed a deep understanding of how they found the remote teaching/​learning experience, elements they wanted to continue and future hopes for the use of emerging technologies in (and out of) the classroom. We tied the campaign to the end of term, giving a reflection point while looking forward to the next school year. 

The campaign drove coverage in business, tech and education media, including publications from Forbes – focusing on the role of blended learning in the future of the classroom – to specialist titles like Education Technology. 

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