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B2B Influencer Engagement - Building influence for technology brands

With a shrinking enterprise technology media pool, we needed to find new ways to reach audiences. Working with brands including ServiceNow and Canonical, we used our influencer identification and ranking methodology, SNAP, to source the most impactful influencers to reach audiences outside of traditional channels. 

After using a mixture of tools to provide data on potential influencers, we reviewed content and previous brand partnerships manually to provide a human perspective on the factors that assessed their influence (outside of those provided by algorithms). 

We ranked influencers across five factors – authority, relevance, engagement, authenticity and reach. We then built engagement strategies for each, with recommended routes for incorporating them into communications programmes. 

For ServiceNow, 100% of influencers engaged in conversation with execs and now follow the brand or its execs on social media. From the initial outreach, four opportunities were secured including two podcasts, one guest blog and one award nomination.

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