Okta - Building a passwordless future for Okta

Okta’s technology helps businesses save time, be more secure and make life easier for employees. We worked with them to develop a research-led campaign that showcased the benefits of Okta’s passwordless approach in a human way.

We researched office workers across Europe to find out about the impact passwords were having on their lives and the time spent managing these across multiple services. We also looked at the potential effect on mental health to give businesses an idea of where technology can support. Working with a cyberpsychologist, we used the research to develop a whitepaper that delved into the issues and presented a route forward.

We used the research to generate earned media coverage with a goal of driving downloads of the full whitepaper, leading to over 50 pieces of coverage across six markets. Content was also used to inform Okta’s EMEA Forum, providing talking points for spokespeople in front of 12 press and analysts.

Okta report