Art without walls 2021

CAMPARI - Art Without Walls

When multiple lockdowns hit the UK in 2020 and 2021, the drinks industry enjoyed a resurgence in off-trade sales as people were forced to tipple at home. Our client Campari was also a beneficiary, but as the summer of 21 approached – with the relaxation of rules and a lockdown sales boom set to subside – we needed to find a way for Campari to stay connected with UK drinkers. 

We know that for our audience, creativity is vital. It’s also not just about self-expression, it’s about self-definition and 89% of us want to be more creative post lockdown. We also know that as a brand, Campari has supported arts, design and cutting-edge creativity since day one – over 160 years ago. Bringing that all together, we used our audience’s passion for creativity to reignite their passion for Campari. Knowing the creative industry has been negatively impacted by the pandemic, we wanted to stand up for the future of the under-threat art and design that fires our audience’s passion. 

After a year of gallery closures that hit artists and galleries hard, and cut the country off from a source of creative inspiration, Campari and the Affordable Art Fair repurposed space across London that would normally house adverts to instead exhibit 500 original works from independent galleries across the country. All the artwork was available to buy via a QR link, which took people directly to the Art Without Walls collection on the Affordable Art Fair site – with 100% of the proceeds going to the art industry.

By combining digital screens, posters and projections in high footfall locations, the gallery generated the same amount of exposure per artwork as if it were hanging in the Tate Modern – the UK’s most popular cultural destination – for a week.

The 360 campaign across PR, social and OOH reached over 86 million people – inspiring Londoners with over 500 pieces of artwork dotted around East London. 

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