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Snowflake - Rebuilding the data warehouse

A small fish in a big (data) sea, Snowflake wanted to launch its data warehouse in the UK. Compared to its far more established rivals, it offered no legacy baggage, with built-for-the-cloud technology. It was a classic fast-growth tech company story – hundreds of US customers, just starting out in the UK, needing to make a name for itself quickly and get the right people excited. 

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Okta - The making of an identity leader

Okta is an enterprise identity specialist. Its cloud-based services provide a unified identity layer’ across what are now increasingly diverse business networks and systems. Okta sits in the background to enable single sign-on access for workers, but few saw identity’s bigger role to securely manage every single person, device and app.

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HERE Technologies - The virtues of open location data

HERE is creating a parallel 3D digital map of the world, using extremely accurate data to power maps in cars and prepare for the autonomous future. 

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Cubic - Telling the story of future transportation

If you travel in a city, you will undoubtably use Cubic’s technology. The brains behind the London Oyster Card, Cubic is a leader in intelligent transportation systems and works with some of the world’s biggest transport providers.

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