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  • 7 February 2014
  • 3Monkeys

What Makes a Video go Viral?

In recent years, online and social media have come to play an increasingly significant role within brands’ communication objectives. The availability of smartphones, tablets and personal computers has catapulted video to the top of the agenda, as companies seek to reach the expansive online audience with sharable, accessible content.

But why is it that certain videos can attract millions of views seemingly over night, whilst others sit isolated in their own corner of the internet? Posting and re-posting from your own channels can only achieve so much; there’s something within the videos themselves which draws people towards the ‘share’ button – an emotional connection.

From Keyboard Cat to Kony 2012, the most popular videos across the internet all provoke an emotional reaction from the viewer, and it is this emotion which we hope to share with our friends and followers across social media.

Whether that’s happiness from something funny…

Shetland pony

Surprise when something’s turns out to be not quite as it seems..

Susan Boyle

Anger at an injustice – (the image below references an incident in 2007 where a man was tasered at a town meeting with then presidential candidate, John Kerry, the video sparked outrage as well as the intenet meme, “Don’t taze me bro!”)

Man being detained by police

Or something #sweeet…

Cat in a pack of biscuits

The greater the affect, the stronger the desire to share.

If brands and marketers are to see their video content reach its full potential online, they must start from this point – how do we want this video to affect our audience? And why might they want to share it? With the answer to these questions in mind from the outset, the opportunities for sharable, engaging content are unparalleled.

Mark Gibbs

Junior Account Executive

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