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  • 15 February 2019
  • Lucy Ruff & Ben Taylor

The Month in Social

On January 4th, a mysterious photo of, merely, an egg appeared on a newly-created Instagram profile with the handle @world_record_egg. The caption revealed its intention to break the record for most likes post on Instagram ever, held at that stage by Kylie Jenner. One week – and 52 million likes – later, the record was comprehensively beaten.

Fast forward a few weeks, and the egg’s record-breaking first post has been followed up by a series of posts showing it slowly cracking. It became clear that some sort of message or advert would emerge from it, and on February 2nd it was revealed that Hulu had won what was no doubt a major bidding war to get their content in front of the egg’s 10 million followers.

But what we were treated to was not, as expected, a branded post plugging Hulu’s latest show. Instead the egg was transformed into a metaphor for “cracking” under the pressure of social media; and offered a message of encouragement for those suffering from related mental health issues.

The partnership with Hulu is a beacon of what brand social media partnerships should look like in 2019: simple, brave, natural, and authentic. Indeed, some of us at 3MZ found ourselves questioning whether the partnership was planned from the start, such was the seamless transition from the original post to Hulu’s mental health message. In a fascinating piece in AdWeek, the agencies involved revealed how they spotted the opportunity, assessed which clients it might be relevant for, and capitalised quickly.

Kudos to the agencies involved for their outstanding work. And kudos to Hulu for having the balls to capitalise on the opportunity with a poignant, positive message rather than a predictable advert.

Snapchat considers making snaps permanent

“At least it’ll eventually disappear, never to be seen again” you think when you see that not-so-graceful video of you eating a burger at 2am. Users beware, because this forgiving feature might not be sticking around for too much longer. Recent reports have stated that Snapchat is considering making its public photos and videos longer lasting or even permanent. The concept has come from Snapchat’s effort to retain users, by making content shared publicly via the “Our Story” section more available outside Snapchat. However, such drastic changes to Snapchat could cause backlash from users about their privacy rights, especially after recent Facebook scandals.

Facebook 'youth team' to focus on Messenger Kids app for under-13s

Think cute animals, cringey ‘fails’ and a whole lot of child-friendly memes. Facebook is focusing on an instant messaging app designed for children under 13 years of age. The new app will allow limited access to Facebook’s messenger chat service, where each individual account is able to be controlled by a parental Facebook account. Parents will be able to oversee friend adds, and monitor content, whilst also controlling who is added and who is deleted. Talk about 21st century parental control!

Twitter tests status updates and other features

Twitter is trying to prompt more chit-chat between users by introducing a new range of tools to help aid conversation, and how it appears on the platform. Twitter will be testing out three new features, including an organised lay out with tweets from the original poster in one colour and replies in another. The other features will aim to make the reply option more obvious, and to introduce ‘ice-breaker’ pins along the lines of “I want to know why…” or “did anyone understand…” to encourage more conversation. Be prepared for some never-ending Twitter notifications…