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Snap Crocs
  • 10 May 2018
  • Lucy Ruff & Ben Taylor

The Month in Social

Welcome to the first of 3MZ’s monthly social updates. In these posts, our digital team will fill you in on what’s been happening in the world of social media over the past month. Here are our updates for April…

The People vs. Zuckerberg

Let’s start with the biggest social media story from April. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had to face up to the US Congress after his company was accused of providing the private data of nearly 90 million Facebook users to consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.

The world was treated to two days of gripping testimony, where Zuckerberg’s every word and movement were scrutinised – the way he sat was odd; the way he drank was odd; the way he looked was odd. And, though Zuck was the one being scrutinised, the senators delivering the scrutiny were arguably just as ridiculous. As it turns out, elderly politicians are not best equipped to provide questioning on the finer workings of the world’s largest social network.

So, just how damaging has this all been for Facebook? Well, by the time the hearing took its first break, Facebook’s share price had risen 5%. That’s £3bn more in the pockets of the man being forced to publicly apologise in front of his country’s political elite and the world’s press. Indeed, it appears to be Cambridge Analytica that has borne the brunt of the scandal.

If one positive has come of all this, it’s that social media giants have been given a strong warning that misusing their users’ data will have consequences. Things will be different from now on… right? RIGHT?

YouTube purging its own content in attempt to please brands

YouTube has had its fair share of problems recently too, from high-profile brands pulling their ads from the social platform, to influencers behaving badly. In a bid to clean up its service, YouTube has started posting a Quarterly Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, in which they highlight their efforts to purge the site of harmful and offensive content. The first one, which came out on April 23, reports that YouTube wiped 8.3 million videos from its servers between October and December of 2017 – mainly due to spam and sexual content. Will these updates win back brands’ trust in the platform? Watch this space.

Snapchat just keep bringing out new features

Snapchat hasn’t been getting the best rep recently either (are you noticing a theme here?), and their last major update went down like a sack of spuds. They’re keeping their head up though – and are constantly introducing new features to keep users on the platform. These include their upgraded v2 spectacles, and AR Selfie Games called Snappables - a series of "AR games that use your touch, motion and facial expressions to compete for high scores or in literal head-to-head multiplayer match-ups".

Whilst we’re on the topic of Snapchat, it seems the filter novelty hasn’t quite worn off, as this Crocs filter went viral last week. Crocs may be one of those brands that people love to hate, but over 4 million users happily wore one on their head over the course of ten days. Take from that what you will…

Snapchat & Crocs

And last, but not least …

Kanye West made a rather controversial return to Twitter last week. It’s safe to say that flaunting support for Donald Trump and wearing your “Make America Great Again” cap with pride certainly doesn’t go down well with a lot of people – but Kanye’s social media activity gained that much attention that he got a shout out from Mr Trump himself for his support. Certainly one of the stranger Twitter bromances…