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News & Views

  • 8 July 2019
  • Ben Taylor and Lucy Ruff

The Month in Social

The biggest news for us (and indeed all PR and social agencies) in June was revelation that Instagram will start allowing brands to promote organic influencer content. The news is the latest development in influencer marketing, a $1.7 billion industry that has come under scrutiny in recent times for a lack of authenticity and accountability – particularly during the Fyre festival debacle in 2017.

Facebook (and in particular Instagram) has been carefully trying to find ways to exploit and improve influencer marketing while not alienating its already ad-weary users for years, and this move is their latest attempt.

Previously, brands would negotiate a fee with the influencer in order to create the content and post it on their channel. More often that not, brands would not consider paid social and simply choose an influencer with a higher following if they could afford it. This is problematic for two reasons: relevancy of brand and influencer is sacrificed with following prioritised; and the Facebook/Instagram see none of the fee to the influencer.

Brands being able to promote organic influencer content solves both problems: Instagram receive more of the money flowing through influencer marketing way of ad spend; and brands can simply choose the most relevant influencer possible for their campaign without having to worry too much and follower totals, knowing they can promote the content to their target audience to gain the desired reach.

So, this should be good news. Just be prepared to see more influencer content in your Instagram feeds from now on…

Ban on ‘harmful’ gender stereotypes in advertising comes into force

Ever watched an ad and felt it was overly sexist? Last month the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) banned adverts which reinforce harmful gender stereotypes and are likely to cause "harm or widespread offence".

This means that the traditional portrayal of men performing macho roles with women being submissive, or men struggling with their children, could fall foul of the new rules. The ban came into practise after a review by the ASA found that harmful stereotypes in advertising can contribute to inequality in society.

Instagram is testing a stop motion tool for stories

A good stop motion video usually requires a proper camera and a fair bit of patience. However, it’s been reported that Instagram is working on a new Stories camera mode which allows users to create their own stop motions easily through the app. The videos can be created without actually recording any video - but it will be limited to only 10 frames.

Instagram has announced that ads will begin to appear in the explore section

The Explore tab on Insta is the perfect place to find new posts and accounts to follow, as it shows users all the things it thinks they will like based on their past actions on the platform. Although ads aren’t going to be added to the grid view on Explore, over the next few months they will start showing once a photo has been tapped.

Facebook reveals cryptocurrency plans

After a lot of speculation, Facebook has finally revealed the details of is cryptocurrency, Libra. Due to be launched in the first half of 2020, Libra will allow users to buy things or send money with nearly zero fees using third party wallet apps or Facebook’s own Calibre wallet.