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  • 4 September 2018
  • Lucy Ruff & Ben Taylor

The Month in Social

Welcome to 3MZ’s monthly social updates. In these posts, our digital team will fill you in on what’s been happening in the world of social media over the past month. Here are our updates for August...

Business Insider published a piece in early August examining the increase in monthly active users for the main social networks over the past year. And there are some interesting takeaways…

Firstly – probably to nobody’s surprise – Instagram leads the way. Instagram has become the go-to platform for social media marketing over the past year or so and it continues to grow its demographic to include older users and video content creators. Any new social media strategy must surely feature Instagram as a key platform now.

Secondly – and I feel like a broken record as I’ve said this countless times recently – the “demise” of Facebook is something of a myth. Its monthly active users (MAUs) are still growing handsomely and, despite claims that young social media users have abandoned the platform, they remain active in large numbers.

Finally, Twitter and Snapchat look to be struggling. Twitter’s plight has been known for some time; it maintains a strong userbase but has failed to attract new users in the way Instagram has. And Snapchat was the up-and-coming platform of choice for social media marketers just a few months ago. It now seems clear that its projected rise has simply not materialised.

Facebook to remove more than 5,000 ad targeting options to prevent discrimination

Facebook is making a big effort to clean up its platform at the minute, especially when it comes to putting a stop to the ways it can be used in damaging and divisive ways. The platform has announced that it will remove around 5,000 of its advanced ad-targeting options to help prevent misuse. This includes limiting the ability for advertisers to exclude audiences that relate to attributes such as ethnicity or religion.

Facebook has come under fire in the past when an investigation showed that the platform’s advanced ad targeting options could be used to exclude people based on ethnicity from property ads, which is in violation of federal laws. This change should make a big difference in stamping out discriminatory ad targeting, but Facebook will still have a wide range of targeting options available for advertisers.

Instagram continues to ramp up its features

Instagram ads polls to DMs: Instagram polls have been around for several months now, but before they were always open to every Tom, Dick and Harry that could see your story. However, it’s now possible to add the poll sticker within direct messages, either to one person or as part of a group chat. Ideal for getting your pals’ opinions on something without opening it up to the public!

Instagram tests Recommendations feature – Insta is really trying to boost content discovery within the platform and has started to test a feature where users are “recommended” accounts to follow within the main feed. The “Recommended For You” icon will appear at the end of newsfeeds, and prompt users to be taken to a new stream that they’re likely to be interested in based on their current follows and interactions.