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Month in social august
  • 10 September 2019
  • Lucy Ruff

The Month in Social

Welcome to our monthly social updates. In these posts, our digital team will fill you in on what’s been happening in the world of social media over the past month. Here are our updates for August…

I suspect if you asked most social media managers what their favourite social media platform is, the majority would say Instagram. It’s the most visual, the most popular among younger users and seems to have its finger on the pulse more than any other platform in terms of technological advancements and new content formats. Meanwhile, my own favourite platform has been widely criticised for harbouring racists, bullies, and utterly failing to enforce its own questionable anti-abuse policies. Yes, Twitter has a bad rap these days. So its latest ad campaign makes a lot of sense…

During the first week of August, Twitter launched a series of billboards in subway stations in New York and San Francisco, featuring some of the best ‘Me on Twitter’ memes they could find. The aim? Remind its users (and potential ones) that Twitter should be a place to relax, have a laugh, and engage in light-hearted fun with everyone from close friends to major celebrities. This is Twitter at its best, and this is Twitter themselves asking for us to help them rediscover the good old days – before the rampant abuse and white nationalism took hold.

Will campaigns like this get rid of the embedded issues Twitter has? No, they have a challenge on their hands to deal with those themselves. But it will surely help to get people thinking about the platform in the right way again and beginning to reintroduce the types of content that made Twitter such a success in the first place.

Facebook is hiring journalists to curate its News Tab

Despite famously ditching its “trending topics” editorial team last year, Facebook has announced plans to introduce a separate “news” section in its app, for which it will hire real-life journalists to work on. Facebook’s goal is to “provide a personalised, highly relevant experience for people”, so it’s expected that the small team will select the breaking and top news stories for section. The rest of the content that people end up seeing will mostly rely on Facebook’s algorithms to figure out their interests.

Twitter is testing topics to follow

Twitter is testing ways for users to follow and snooze specific topics, in the same way that they can follow accounts. Topics will include sports teams, celebrities, TV programmes and a selection of well engaged tweets that will be displayed amongst other tweets in the main feed. The move represents Twitter’s latest effort to help people find the best content on the platform, even if they’re not sure which accounts to follow.

Instagram scheduling is (finally) added to Facebook Creator Studio

A joyous day for all social media managers – it’s now possible to schedule on Instagram via Facebook’s Creator Studio. Previously, this has only been possible through third parties with limited options available due to Insta’s API restrictions. Fingers crossed there will soon be an option to schedule Stories (we hope you’re reading this, Facebook …)