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News & Views

  • 30 June 2015
  • Craig Stockwell

Social Media Day 2015

We all have our own experiences of social media, be they positive, negative, totally indifferent or in some cases, totally bonkers (looking at you Gary Busey). So like it or not, generation Y, millennials, digital natives and baby boomers alike can all revel in the sublime and the bizarre that is our social media landscape.

So in honour of Social Media Day 2015 and in true BuzzFeed style, here are some of the biggest moments from the social media universe over the past year.


Not just because today is also ‘National Asteroid Day’ but because it was genuinely an incredible moment that was shared the world over. After a ten-year mission and 6.4 billion kilometres, the Rosetta probe and its Philae Lander announced its arrival at Comet 67P via Twitter.


The world is still recovering from the news earlier this year that Zayn Malik would sadly leave One Direction. Thankfully, The Metro was on hand to roundup the more ridiculous fan reactions.


Around this time last year, the CIA might or might not have joined twitter…


Although there are numerous parody accounts purporting to be members of the Royal Family, the real stuff has been rather thin on the ground – until recently. On 24 October 2014, HRH The Queen took to Twitter for the first time ever, tweeting in person from the @BritishMonarchy account to announce her opening the Information Age exhibition at the Science Museum. The result? 42 thousand retweets and 46 thousand favourites. Give us a shout if you ever want a job in community management, Liz!


The weekend just past saw a huge step forward in equality in the United States with the Federal government announcing that marriage between gay men and women would be put into law. This coincided with Gay Pride in the UK, and a trans-Atlantic love-in ensued, led by Facebook’s ‘Celebrate Pride’ Facebook profile picture tool.

People and brands the world over changed their profile pictures across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to celebrate #LoveWins. With Ireland endorsing same sex marriage not even a month ago, 2015 has already been one of the biggest steps forward for equality in living memory, and the whole thing is documented on social media across the globe.