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  • 28 September 2020
  • Niamh Linn

New work: Setting B2B technology PR coverage targets? Read this.

As much as we’re all sick of talking and reading about it, the pandemic is going to be with us for a while longer. As the months have rolled on we could see the impact this was having on technology journalism, but we wanted to really understand what was happening in the media landscape. Through a combination of data on B2B technology trends, analysis of our own campaigns and conversations with media contacts, we have pulled together a short report called Boom and Bust: The B2B Media Landscape in 2020.

Taking stock of the upheaval this year requires looking at big wins, the disappointments and most importantly the data to fill in the gaps. In the case of B2B technology, 2020 has been a boon for business as the promises of digital transformation were put to the test and for the most part passed with flying colours.

Whether we’ve tried to stick to KPIs, delayed setting targets or abandoned them entirely, there’s no question that this year is different. One only needs to open Twitter or LinkedIn to see that the media landscape has changed, which undoubtedly affects what journalists need from their PR contacts. But the show must go on, and so must our work towards our clients’ business and communications goals.

This is where data comes in, uncovering insights that will support what we have learned on the job. In observation of a number of campaigns run during in the past six months, and in planning ahead for the rest of the year, data offers a glimpse of early patterns and gives us a new yard stick with which to set expectations for the coming months.

We can expect the landscape to continue changing as the economic situation evolves, but by looking at the data now we can see patterns emerging that indicate what is to come. In our report, we cover the significant changes to the B2B technology landscape and what the data says about emerging trends. Throughout we’ve presented our recommendations for adapting PR strategies that will help your B2B technology brand to continue to show the human edge of innovation.

Our findings tell us three key things:

  • robust, data-driven campaigns that speak to the short- and near-term future give technology writers what they need to provide much needed insight and analysis to their IT decision maker audiences
  • thought leadership must be backed up by evidence and supported by strong visuals and human case studies
  • good news and optimism are sure-fire routes to success as media clamour for hopeful stories to balance the negativity and an opportunity to shout about customer successes.

As we start to see early signs of recovery and a return to business optimism anecdotally, we can soon expect the supporting data to follow. The ‘next normal’ for B2B campaigns means conversations with stakeholders about KPIs and reporting timelines to account for coverage taking longer to appear, but we can be reassured by the data proving the coverage volumes are largely the same.

If you would like to see more data about the B2B technology landscape or have a chat about what this means for your media campaigns, please get in touch.

Click here to read Boom and Bust: The B2B Media Landscape in 2020.