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3Mz Netball
  • 27 April 2016
  • Georgie Bentinck

Practice Makes Perfect!

Netball is a word that many haven’t heard since prep school – and can often bring back fairly traumatic memories. Whether that’s playing on-court in the depths of winter, or highly competitive girls with pony tails hurling themselves at you/the ball - and of course, being made to cut the nails you worked so hard to grow long and luscious. Ah yes, netball.But despite the school memories, netball participation is on the rise in the UK according to Sport England. Their 2015 Active People Survey revealed that the number of people playing netball on a weekly basis has increased once again, with 151,000 netballers taking to the court every week. Sport England’s excellent national marketing campaign This Girl Can has surely contributed to this.

Well, here in the Jungle we wanted to show that These Girls Can. Introducing… the 3 Monkeys | Zeno netball team!

We’ve donned our Lycra, cut our nails, and braved the cold these past few months to play ‘nettie’ together down in Tooting, winning a respectable three out of eight matches! Considering many of us hadn’t played since school, and we were in an Advanced league, we don’t think we did too badly!And we all enjoyed it so much we’ve signed up for the Spring season with Go Mammoth Netball in Victoria – except this time in an Intermediate league, which we hear’s a lot more social. Definitely more up our street.Anyone up for cheerleading?