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News & Views

  • 24 January 2022

New blog: Tech Primer

Welcome to the monthly Tech Primer! Each month, the tech team will be explaining the top trends that are rising up in the tech space, explaining what they are and why it is considered important. The insights can then be used if clients ask questions about them, to show you know your stuff. For the January edition, we will discuss:

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  • 14 January 2022

Our news: Happy Zeno Analytics Day 2022

fearless u analytics image

A message from Zeno’s Global Head of Analytics Michael Brito.


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  • 12 January 2022

New blog: Predictions for the use of tech and digital in PR in 2022

Over the years, predicting what is coming up in the next 12 months in digital and tech within PR and marketing has become both easier and harder at the same time. It’s become harder to predict what is coming because there is just so much innovation happening in so many different sectors. It can be difficult to know what to focus on and where to apply your resources. However, in many ways it has also become easier - the general trends are clear for everyone to see because to really make a difference new technology needs significant investment and multi-year adoption cycles.

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  • 2 December 2021

New work: Christmas has arrived

We conducted research with London and Partners to reveal the top signs that Christmas has well and truly arrived, according to the nation.

Top signs included Christmas adverts appearing, festive songs on the radio and switching on of the Christmas lights in local towns and cities, with 27% saying London’s iconic Christmas light switch on is a key sign it’s Christmas!

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  • 19 November 2021

New blog: How to dress for a pitch when you've outgrown all your smart clothes

A sartorial segment written this week by the man at 3MZ least qualified to do so.

Dressing for pitches isn’t what it used to be. Not least when your suits seem to have miraculously shrunk a size while hibernating in the wardrobe over lockdown….

We were through to the final round of a new business pitch this week when, the day before, the inevitable question of ‘what to wear for the pitch meeting’ was thrown up. We were pitching to the CEO. But it was for a trendy consumer brand in the travel space. But it was very much a corporate brief. What to wear? Suit and tie jobby? It’s not the 1950s. Jeans and flannel shirt? We’re not wrangling cattle. Too early in the season for an Alan Partridge-esque festive roll neck? Not without a Corby Trouser press to hand. My judgement was all over the shop. I was flummoxed.

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  • 9 November 2021


November 2021

Chorus will drive greater integration and champion brave ideas

3 Monkeys Zeno has reorganised to put planning, creative and digital innovation at the heart of the agency with the creation of Chorus, an 19 strong collective of strategists, creatives, designers and digital, data & analytics and media specialists.

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  • 4 November 2021


Soho based agency is the first to sign up to new platform

3 Monkeys Zeno today announce a partnership with hundo, an entry-level talent solution focused on connecting forward thinking employers with Gen Z talent. The agency will be the first PR consultancy to sign up to the platform, alongside businesses Reed Group, HR Datahub and Captify.

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  • 6 October 2021

New blog: The Month in Social

Welcome to the 3 Monkeys Zeno digital update. In these monthly blog posts, our digital team will keep you in-the-know on all things social, including the latest updates, trends, industry news and must-have insights.

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  • 23 September 2021

New blog: The Traditional Office Is Over, So What Next?

Last year the pandemic transformed the notion of the traditional office virtually overnight, creating a mass shift to remote working and the largest social experiment of its kind. Yet despite initial concerns, most businesses were surprised to see no plummet in productivity amongst their employees.

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  • 23 September 2021

New work: CAMPARI Negroni Week

CAMPARI, the iconic red aperitivo, is using its annual Negroni Week celebrations to shine a light on the country’s finest bartending talent, whilst providing cocktail fans the opportunity to enjoy twists on one of the world’s most famous cocktails.

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