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  • 13 August 2020

New work: CAMPARI Reopens the World’s Best Bars

With uncertainty around when bars will reopen and international travel looking unlikely this summer, our client CAMPARI partnered with some of the world’s best bars in New York, Rome and Scotland, to reopen virtually – giving hundreds of British people the chance to enjoy an international cocktail experience like no other.

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  • 21 July 2020

Could TikTok really be banned in the UK?

TikTok has enjoyed huge growth over the last couple of years, and events in 2020 appear to have supercharged that growth, making it the most downloaded app of the year globally. This rapid growth has seen TikTok surpass established social media platforms like Twitter and SnapChat to more than 800 million monthly active users.

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  • 10 July 2020

Boohoo’s ultimate faux pas: neglecting to check whether its suppliers were the right fit

How applying the principles of ESG throughout the supply chain can protect brand reputation

Reputation takes a lifetime to build and only a few minutes to destroy. It’s a message that many business leaders have expressed for years as the principles of corporate social responsibility have become more engrained in business operations.

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The Month in Social

Welcome to our monthly social update. Here, our digital team will fill you in on what’s been happening in the world of social media over the past month.

More brands join the #StopHateForProfit campaign to pause Facebook Ad spend in July in reaction and protest over Facebook’s inaction to address hate speech on its platform. The campaign has said that Facebook has indeed allowed hate speech “which incites violence against protesters fighting for racial justice” and has called on brands in America to stand up against Facebook’s policies.

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Brand-agility and the New-Next

Like us all, brands continue to lockdown and take a ‘wait and see’ approach, with long-term planning still on the back burner. On paper, this seems a logical move, everyone is doing it, but whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

Who dictated you cannot maintain broad brand-building reach during a pandemic? The reason of brand inaction, or limited action, remains to avoid ‘insensitive selling in dark times’, but who is saying ‘sell’, this is a brand building opportunity?

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The reputational opportunity for Burnley Football Club

Anyone that knows me or has even briefly met me will know just how much of a passion I have for sport. Watching, playing, reading about it. I can’t get enough of it. Like many, I have been absolutely starved since we went into lockdown almost three months ago. As such, the return of the Premier League last Wednesday felt like finding a natural spring after wandering through the Sahara desert for weeks. I’ve been lucky enough to witness genuine jaw-dropping moments in sport – Jessica Ennis-Hill kicking for home in the 800m at the London Olympics, Jonny Wilkinson’s last minute drop goal to win the Rugby World Cup in 2003, Helen Housby’s buzzer beater to win gold for the England Netball team at the Commonwealth Games a couple of years ago, AGUEROOOOOOOOOOO…. There are too many to list.

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Unveiling The 2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose Study

With the backdrop of a pandemic, massive civil unrest and racial injustice, companies around the world are stepping up to stand for something more. At a time when all eyes are on companies to advance positive change, brands leading with Purpose will yield stronger reputation, brand affinity and bottom-line results.

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Britain back to business this summer? For brands, the biggest challenges still lie ahead

“Christ…!”. This was Prime Minister Johnson’s reported reaction to being informed over the weekend that 3.5 million jobs were at risk in the hospitality sector if Britain failed to reopen for the summer. In this moment, Johnson probably recognised a stark reality – the number of unemployed people within the hospitality sector could be double the entire economy’s unemployment figure for 2017. In the face of this kind of extreme economic strain, the media and public have intensified their scrutiny of the government’s plans to get people back to work and revive the economy.

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How lockdown may have long-lasting implications for our relationship with technology

Social distancing measures have caused us to make significant lifestyle changes over the last few months. Some of the behavioural changes we are seeing emerge from this are likely to remain in situ for a long period of time. Not just because of the expected duration of lockdown measures, but also because they are likely to cause shifts in attitudes that will stay with us as we move into a post COVID-19 world.

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Collaboration Between the Private and Public Sector has been Long Overdue

One of the positives that’s emerges in the last few months has been seeing tech brands stepping up to offer their support in the fight against COVID-19 – especially when it comes to healthcare. The NHS is turning to some of the world’s biggest tech companies in order to tackle the pandemic and deliver efficient medical care in the face of enormous pressure.

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