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  • 4 November 2019

Overcoming obstacles in tech’s golden era

Technology is in its golden era. But it’s not always plain sailing. The ever-increasing amount of personal information shared with technology companies, coupled with tools like artificial intelligence (AI) that can appear mysterious and threatening, mean that brands in the sector must have watertight communications strategies to gain customer trust.

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3 Monkeys Zeno show up at Most Connected Brands Event

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the Opinium “Most Connected Brands 2019” launch with Contagious.

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Be Kind To Your Mind

As we launch “Be Kind To Your Mind” (BKTYM) globally at Zeno today, we asked Christine Jewell, Managing Director of 3 Monkeys Zeno and the ‘godmother’ of BKTYM, to share where the inspiration came from and what she and the Monkeys have learned since launching BKTYM in London last year. Here’s what she told us:We all know the saying “it’s PR not ER” but the stats tell us it doesn’t always feel that way.Research by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) into the public relations profession found that over a fifth of PRs have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, while the highest stress levels in the sector are experienced from within agencies and consultancies.

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Word up people!

Our colleague Oscar attended the annual meeting of the Arthur Page Society, arguably the world’s premier organization for senior-most communications leaders

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Launching our new health and wellness trend report: The Wellcare Economy

This week saw the launch of our Wellcare Economy trend report which we developed in partnership with award winning health and beauty journalist and leading trend expert, Anna-Marie Solowij.

At a time when the global wellness industry is growing exponentially the report spotlights the key changes shaping health and wellness, what they mean for brands, and the power consumers who are influencing the way brands do business.

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IFA 2019

Last week, 3 Monkeys Zeno showed up at the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances: IFA.

IFA is a space for technology companies to show off the latest innovations and developments their engineers and product teams have been squirreling away on over the past year; from emerging technologies to the latest trends impacting the industry.

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The Month in Social

Welcome to our monthly social updates. In these posts, our digital team will fill you in on what’s been happening in the world of social media over the past month. Here are our updates for August…

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CommsCon Insights: 5 key takeaways for the communications industry

In the hopes of deepening my understanding of how the communications industry can better prepare for Artificial Intelligence (AI), I attended CommsCon Insights, hosted by Cision at The Ministry of Sound. The event concentrated on comms measurement and proving ROI in an era where AI and machine learning are looking to transform the PR industry. The event also looked at the importance of maximising authenticity, humanity and creativity in PR as these technologies continue to evolve.

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From Bars to Brands

If someone had told me a year ago that in one year I’d no longer be working as a mixologist in bars and I’d be working for some of the biggest drinks brands in the world, I’d have been more likely to believe someone telling me Scarlett Johansen wanted to marry me...

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  • 19 August 2019

Experiencing work experience!

For my first ever week of work experience, I was anxious and didn’t know what to expect - plus as a student on school holidays I hadn’t woken up so early in a long time! And then trying to get a train and a tube, that was a different task altogether. Trying to figure out my way around the London underground, the reality of work experience was rather daunting.

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