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From Bars to Brands

If someone had told me a year ago that in one year I’d no longer be working as a mixologist in bars and I’d be working for some of the biggest drinks brands in the world, I’d have been more likely to believe someone telling me Scarlett Johansen wanted to marry me...

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  • 19 August 2019

Experiencing work experience!

For my first ever week of work experience, I was anxious and didn’t know what to expect - plus as a student on school holidays I hadn’t woken up so early in a long time! And then trying to get a train and a tube, that was a different task altogether. Trying to figure out my way around the London underground, the reality of work experience was rather daunting.

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Taking a plastic pledge

Plastic. It’s everywhere and in almost everything so there’s no surprise that it’s hard to break free from. Takeaway coffee cups, sanitary items, toothpastes, shavers, balloons, soap dispensers, pre-packaged food, bin liners, straws, takeaway cutlery & containers… the list goes on.

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Why was the 2019 FIFA World Cup such a big deal for Women’s football?

Why has interest grown so spectacularly for the women’s game this year? A record 26.5m people tuned-in to watch England’s last hurrah in this year’s FIFA World Cup, blowing 2015’s peak viewing of 2.4million well out of the park. Not only did fans across the country get wholeheartedly behind their team, but brands did too - Budweiser, Lucozade and Nike creating sponsorship campaigns that shined a light on the Lionesses.

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What did London Tech Week teach us about the industry’s future?

Launched with pledges around UK investment in AI and the news that the country is the third biggest producer of unicorn tech start-ups, London Tech Week saw a slew of events taking place across the capital. Our Technology team was on hand to support clients and scope out the latest trends during the week’s activities – here are three things we learned:

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Can Millennial Doctors and Digital Health Services Fix the Patient-Doctor Relationship?

Against a world-weary backdrop of ongoing financial, workload and resource pressure our new study shows millennial GPs believe digital communications can improve doctor-patient relations. And they want to lead the change…

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The resurgence of iPods, vinyls and cassettes, and what this means for brands

The recent launch of a new iPod range by Apple turned some heads. In an era where streaming dominates and our phones can store most of our favourite tracks, why would anyone buy an iPod?

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60 seconds to enter; 4 hours to create; 10 minutes to shine; 1 (plastic) planet to save.

Forget the usual award schemes, where you send in your written entry and then wait to hear whether you’ve won anything months later in a large ballroom over a warm glass of wine and a chicken dinner for 500. This award process is in real time!

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