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  • 11 July 2022
  • Tom Ffiske

Our news: The Marketer’s Guide to the Metaverse

Last week, we supported the launch of The Immersive Wire’s new report, The Marketer’s Guide to the Metaverse, looking into how brands and companies can tap into the next era of spatial computing. Held at PwC’s offices, the launch panel event featured experts in the field such as Asha Easton (Immerse UK lead at KTN), Jeremy Dalton ( Head of Metaverse Technologies at PwC UK) and Whitney Abigail J. (Marketing Lead at Polarys), plus our Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation, Robert Stone. Learning from these leading figures in the space, the audience came away with with actionable insights to help plan projects.

The panelists had the following insights:

  • Whitney Abigail James focused on the community-building toolset behind web3 technologies, and how they can be harnessed. She also explored DAOs, which could deploy finances quickly as part of campaigns.
  • Robert Stone did the same, while focusing on great case studies such as Adidas and WimbleWorld (and the different ways both used them). The former was an all-in and consistent activity, while the latter tapped into the powerful Roblox audience.
  • Jeremy Dalton explored the Human Joystick Attack, which is a way for VR headsets and systems to move and disorientate people over time. As Rob quipped, brand marketeers are getting ideas.
  • Asha Easton tied it all together nicely, leading the panellists (and the audience at times) by guiding the flow of conversation.

Check out the report here