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  • 1 July 2022
  • Simon Tiernan

New blog: The Week That Was

Game, Set and the Match

The sun is shining, and Wimbledon is back on our television screens….summer has officially arrived. As we sit with a fruity Pimm’s in hand, lets recap the 3 Monkeys Zeno Week That Was.


The Prime Minister sought to escape his domestic woes with a spot of globetrotting this week. The G7 Summit in Germany provided the perfect backdrop to showcase the Prime Minister’s serious side….however commentators called double fault on Boris’ sartorial summit style. As Biden, Marcon and Trudeau discussed Russian sanctions, economic challenges, and climate change…Johnson was pictured looking like he had just fallen out of the local rugby club changing rooms.

There has been an existential debate about whether the UK Prime Minister’s dishevelled look reflected a new post-Covid confidence in all things UK PLC…. most concluded that it would have been wiser for him to stick a tie on.

You cannot be serious

Shouted the UK’s Climate Change Committee this week, as they published a damming report on the progress the UK has made towards reaching its net zero commitments.

Remember those halcyon days of COP26…so many warm fluffy commitments to placate Greta and Sir David, well the rhetoric has certainly not been matched with action. As currently stands the UK is on target to cut just 40% of the emissions required to reach its net zero ambition.

The weighty report contained a staggering 300 recommendations with some of the most contentious focused on how the Government should seek to encourage us hard working Brits to embrace a more sustainable diet – think legumes, black beans and green smoothies over say a chocolate shake and a tasty burger.

Scotland sliced?

This week the starting gun was fired on a campaign for a second Scottish referendum. Scotland’s First Minister Nichola Sturgeon caused surprise with a cheeky drop shot announcement which stated that a second Scottish referendum would take place on October 19th 2023. Foul was called by Boris, who questioned where these referendum setting powers had suddenly materialised from. Sturgeon’s move was called brave north and south of the border – with commentators pointing out that most Scots remain opposed to independence and that it was a risky move given the criticism that the SNP Government has faced for its failure to address income inequality, crime, drug addiction and educational underachievement.