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  • 8 January 2021
  • Heidi Cambridge

New blog: Dear 2021

Dear 2021…

This is the tale of a year like no other,
A year where we barely could see our own mother,
It started off strong, so much fun to be had,
Then COVID paid us a visit and things got quite bad,
At first we ignored it and just washed our hands,
But the virus kept growing, sweeping all of the lands
The Prime Minster stepped in and we all had a moan,
He had told us we needed to stay in our homes,
At first it was hard as we tried to adapt,
Endless video calls with a cat in your lap.

It was really quite alien spending so much time in the house,
A test like no other for you and your spouse,
But it's amazing the things that can give you some joy,
I got obsessed with cleaning windows with a long pole like toy,
Our shed got some paint work, the oven was cleaned,
Our house got quite tidy, all the cupboards were themed,
Then summer came along and things got really fine,
Hours spent in the garden drinking gallons of wine,
We bonded with neighbours who turned out to be cool,
I spent hours splashing round in a kids paddling pool.

The sun was so shiny it was hard to feel sad,
We took long country walks which made us feel glad,
We got into gardening and I potted some plants,
We clapped for the carers with whooping and chants,
We had BBQs, sunbathed, hung out with the cat,
Until the scales made it evident we'd got really fat,
Something had to be done or the weight was to stay,
So I made myself run doing the couch to 5k,
I was by no means a natural at this running lark,
I'd often be found staggering around the park,
Then things got more normal and the virus gave us a chance,
With lovely staycations, a cheeky weekend in France,
We caught up with friends, had many a cuddle,
Got used to seeing people outside our bubble.

But the second wave meant we could no longer mix,
With tighter restrictions and the rule of six,
No one could predict the strange rules not even Mystic Meg,
Like only being able to drink if you had a scotch egg!
The ridiculous curfew was a mystery to all men,
As if you could only catch Rona after five past ten,
The rulebook got greater leading to many a frown,
Which eventually ended in a second lockdown,
The dark nights and weather made this quite a chore,
Corona was really starting to become quite a bore,
Some people were struggling with little romancing, while we got quite into strictly come dancing,
Then Christmas was cancelled, as was New Year, as everyone found themselves in the fourth tier,
But despite all this bleakness hope was becoming more
As we now had a vaccine that could be our cure,
The saviour, the hero no cause for alarm,
We just need to pump it in all of our arms.

So dear 2021 my plea is quite clear, please can you not be such a shitty year,
We all long to travel, to dance to have fun, to cuddle our families and not have to run,
To feel hope and joy and not have the fear of the relentless changes to quarantines and tiers,
We miss interaction, to touch and to feel,
To have a drink without a fucking substantial meal,
We long for our freedom and for lives to be saved,
For festivals, theatre all these things we have craved,
To gather in crowds now we're really invested,
In doing so without fines or being arrested.

2021 you know what you need to do, no pressure but we're really counting on you,
As we enter the first working January week,
With a feeling of dread, things feeling quite bleak,
Lets dig deep and stay safe, good times are to come,
We'll be reunited with loved ones, our dad and mum,
But for now, let's have hope, let's stay home one time more,
Because things will get better, it will happen I'm sure!