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  • 3 April 2020
  • Claire Pay

Lockdown brings fresh perspectives to wellness

Sales of vitamin C are soaring, families all over the country are working out together with Joe Wicks’ PE classes, restrictions on outdoor exercise are seemingly making it very popular and people are being more open than ever before about mental health.

Amid this global coronavirus crisis, the saying that “health is not valued until sickness comes,” couldn’t be truer. As we stay home to help save lives, people are embracing, considering and re-considering wellness in ways that they may not have done previously.

Whether this is in a bid to stay well, or even to stay sane while we’re at home, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the sharpened focus on the preventative approach to wellness, how this can be embraced in the moment and for the longer-term.

While we would never have wanted this pandemic, we can hope that somehow there will be some lasting wellbeing positives amidst the darkness. As Dr Harries, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer said, “It might be the best opportunity the whole county has to say I’m going to use my one exercise session every day to ensure by the time this over I am super fit and so is my family.”

That’s an amazing ambition; not an easy one given the myriad of challenges people are facing, yet one in which brands can absolutely play a part. Helpfulness is key. How can wellness brands help people in their daily lives at this time?

Whether it’s giving away product to those most in need, being an antidote to stress, helping with mental health concerns, inspiring exercise and good nutrition for all, being a source of clear information, or finding ways to making people smile – there’s lots that wellness brands can be doing. People want brands to be engaging with them appropriately and to be helping in purposeful and meaningful ways. If at all possible, now is not the time to step away.

While we can’t control much about life as we know it right now, we can try to control how we prioritise wellness. Brands looking to the future have an important part to play now in helping the nation with an increased focus on both physical and mental wellbeing - that way creating some lasting, positive change from this health crisis.