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News & Views

  • 13 August 2014
  • Alice Pinder

#FeelGood with Go Ahead

What do you get when you combine edible art, an epic London rooftop, some seriously fruity inflatables, and all the go ahead! biscuits you could ever wish for? Our fruity, #feelgood extravaganza of course!

Let us tell you more… as part of go ahead!’s new £4 million marketing campaign celebrating fruity, feel good moments with consumers, and the new advert which hit TV screens in June, we created an event at the beautiful Cannon Bridge Roofgardens– to help build interest and delight within the Healthier Biscuit category…

We compiled research into what makes Brits feel good with the help of Sophia Davis, one of the UK’s leading life coaches, surveying 1000 respondents. This revealed some interesting insights, with everything from walking in sunshine to receiving flowers, and getting into fresh bed sheets coming out on top.

We then recruited and collaborated with creative Miss Cakehead, who brought all these feel good moments to life in our very own fruity, feel good extravaganza.

From watermelon bowling to squishing 10 foot long grape walk, and a live, sequin-clad DJ to a Mariachi band, we surprised and delighted media and consumers alike with a bombardment of the senses. A highlight had to be the live dessert making by London Mess using go ahead! bars and the fruit used across their range – delicious!

Montage of outdoor fun

With the sun shining and one of the most epic views of London to enjoy, everyone left feeling great and the event was a huge success. One of our journalist attendees claimed that it was the best event she had been to all year, and one of our consumer attendees said that they hadn’t stopped laughing since they arrived. Not only did the event and research generate great social and influencer coverage, the story was covered in such titles as The Daily Express, Mirror Online, Female First and the Huffington Post. Check out the video from the event to get a feel of what it was like: