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News & Views

  • 20 April 2015
  • Emma Pritchard

Getting Cuddly with McVitie’s

If it’s true that everyone has 15 minutes of fame, I used up a couple of minutes of mine recently when I appeared on TV explaining how McVitie’s was making Londoners feel warm and fuzzy with the launch of the Cuddle Café.

It was a brand new pop-up which gave people the chance to drink tea and eat biscuits - in exchange for a hug with a giant fluffy owl, one of four characters from the new McVitie's sweeetTM friends advert.

Research had previously revealed that around three quarters of people want more hugs in their lives, so we brought everyone’s favourite things together - a hug, cup of tea and of course a McVitie’s biscuit - to enjoy during an otherwise dreary early spring week in the capital.

Over the course of the two-day event, the McVitie’s Cuddle Café had over a thousand people walk through its doors - which shows that the people of London clearly need more hugs.

And as well as hugs, London clearly loves a good pop-up, from the recent Cereal Killer Café to the forthcoming Cheese Toastie pop-up, and the McVitie’s Cuddle Café was no exception. In fact it was so popular that McVitie’s could be looking at launching something similar again in the future, so watch this space… #sweeet.

The entire concept was based on research that we undertook to celebrate the new McVitie’s sweeetTM friends on-pack promotion.