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News & Views

  • 10 March 2020
  • David Lucas

Evolving Technology Communications

Today, we held a breakfast at Sartoria restaurant for technology brands, to discuss the evolving nature of technology communications. The past decade has been an exciting time for technology comms. Tools that were once the realm of the IT department are now just as likely to be used across the whole company.

This shift means the percentage of IT spend that sits in other areas of the organisation is increasing, up between six and seven percent annually for the past four years. In 2019, enterprise technology startups raised more cash than consumer technology startups for the first time in at least five years.

All this should point to a rise in journalists writing about enterprise technology topics. Yet the media landscape hasn’t adapted in the same way. The trend toward shrinking newsrooms and publications closing hasn’t escaped traditional technology titles. And these topics are often considered niche by national and business writers, who struggle to pitch them to editors.

For technology comms teams, this presents a challenge. How do we drive awareness and interest in enterprise technology companies if mainstream media won’t write about the topics we want to discuss?
This is a common challenge we see. Whether it’s broadening the media target pool, changing the way we tell stories or tapping up influencers, technology comms programmes that solely target specialist media will no longer have the required impact and a new approach is needed.

We decided to dig into the trend to understand it further, looking for answers to the following questions:
» How does media influence the enterprise technology buying cycle?
» How is the media reporting on enterprise technology?
» Which other channels are influencing enterprise technology purchasing?
» What are technology leaders looking for in vendors?

We worked with technology research specialists, Vanson Bourne, to survey IT decision makers in UK businesses. And, we used a range of leading data analytics tools to understand how stories on enterprise technology trends are traveling, as well as what our audience is interested in.

The results were eye opening and gave some good insights into how to reach technology audiences in 2020 and beyond. Click through to read the main findings here.