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  • 12 July 2016
  • Caroline Sletten-Larsson

Careers beyond borders: London welcomes Chicago students

A group of graduate students from Loyola University Chicago had a similar taste of what the world of international work can be like when they visited 3 Monkeys |Zeno in London last week. The visit was part of a Global Strategic Communication master’s course that’s all about understanding the importance of our increasingly interconnected world and how it impacts the work that we do.

As part of their studies, the group spent a couple of weeks in London, completing a number of classes and getting a whiff of the scary thing that people at the very beginning of their careers soon become all too familiar with as the ‘real-life’ of a professional career.

Some of the students had already spent time at the Zeno office in Chicago, so this visit offered them the opportunity to gain insight into how a global company operates, and one of the other local cultures that make up the Zeno network. People from each practice – healthcare, corporate, consumer and brand, and technology, talked to them about what an average day is like (although, in communications, is there really such a thing?) and went through some case studies on the work they do.

Our creative director Stuart Yeardsley even met them, had them build a card tower and spoke about what it really means to be creative. The students had plenty of questions, and were engaged and enthusiastic about all they heard.

Visits like these are so beneficial for students and companies alike, and even more so when they happen on an international basis. In a world where the culture of the company can be practically as important as the work it produces, employee applicants need to have a rounded understanding of the company and what working there will be like before applying.

Having graduated from Loyola University last year myself, it was actually through one of these visits that I was introduced to Zeno. Meeting the team and seeing the creativity and great work produced made me fall in love with the fearless spirit that is Zeno. I was then fortunate enough to have it bring me all the way to London!

We hope to continue to offer these visits both locally and globally, and see many more students through our doors.