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News & Views

  • 20 June 2017
  • Stuart Yeardsley, Creative Director

Cannes Lions Decoded: Takeaways from Day 1 at the Festival of Creativity

Artificial Intelligence can augment our creativity. Think of all the unstructured data as a new natural resource for creativity and ideas.
Artificial Intelligence is a muse for ideas.There is huge creative opportunity in the vast amount of data from social conversations, images, videos, sounds, colours, flavours using cognitive systems like IBM's Watson...the first 'thinking' dress (IBM/MET Gala), a sculpture which changes shape to reflect sentiment on social media (Gaudi/IBM). Alex De Kid has just written a song in collaboration with IBM Watson.'Seed' creativity. The challenges clients face today are complex and broad. They need more than just coverage and buzz. The potential for agency creativity at the start of the client business process - seed creativity. Why? Because we understand people better than anyone else. Use this perspective to create and invent new services - not just new PR campaigns - through unique partnerships with our clients.The next generation of content must be genuine, authentic. Stories with unbelievable characters, drama, protagonists. And above all, be impartial. Make original content for each channel/medium - don't just carve up one piece of content for different channels.Niche content is good. The beauty of YouTube is that it is as odd as we are. Don't be afraid to go niche with content because that's what fans of YouTube crave for. There is a blurring between stuff going mainstream from YouTube and vice-versa. There's a huge opportunity to tap into YouTube with our clients. They are starting to create their own original content using stars from the channel and want brands as partners.