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  • 30 April 2015
  • Adam Clatworthy

BUILD 2015: Microsoft fires on all cylinders at its annual developer conference

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As part of our ongoing work with Microsoft, we’re privileged to be able to support one of the biggest events in the tech calendar.

Yesterday CEO Satya Nadella kicked off Microsoft’s hotly anticipated Build 2015 developer conference - the tech giant's biggest event of the year when it comes to all things software. And for the geek in me, it was a blinder of a keynote.

Satya certainly didn’t pull any punches. Sharing Microsoft’s vision of one platform for all devices, he declared its ambition to have 1 billion active Windows 10 devices by FY18. And with the raft of announcements that spanned the three hour keynote, it’s certainly an achievable target.

If you want to see the keynote in full, check out this link:

While there were a number of important announcements around new Windows 10 features, Azure data services and Microsoft Edge – the new browser to replace Internet Explorer – it was HoloLens that really got the crowd of developers and media excited.

HoloLens is the world’s first untethered holographic computer powered by Windows 10, and anyone questioning whether it’s just a gimmick fell silent as we saw customers like Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic show how they’re using the device to address some genuine business cases; human-machine interface issues that technology has never come so close to tackling.

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With architects able to view and manipulate entire augmented reality buildings prior to construction, to medical students dissecting a human body to examine organs and bones, the impact that HoloLens can have on all manner of industries is really mind-blowing. And the fun is just getting started. As Microsoft said – “we’ve created the device, now we can’t wait to see what applications you can develop for it.” You can check out HoloLens in action here.

When 3 Monkeys first started working with Microsoft, it showed us its bold vision for a sustainable future that it predicted would be reality within five years. And it certainly wasn’t far off. HoloLens quite simply changes the game. While it’s not yet clear when we’ll see availability of the device or pricing, it’s certainly ready and Microsoft has an array of headsets at Build for developers to try out for themselves.

With Build just getting started we’re sure to see more news come out of the conference over the next couple of days. And if the keynote is anything to go by, Microsoft is certainly making a bold statement.