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News & Views

  • 11 January 2017
  • Laura Spence

Developers remain largely a ‘closed world’ in business communications


Developers are widely acknowledged to be central in driving corporate value in the fast-changing business world, yet remain largely beyond the reach of current communications campaigns.

Unbeknown to many, they play an integral role in the way we live, how businesses are built and in how brands bring products to life for users. Companies can no longer exist without them.

We’ve partnered with The Memo, a new publication for people curious about the future, to create a short video about what makes developers tick. Check it out, here.

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Enterprise decision makers have long turned to dev teams to recommend the software products they should be using to deliver on business goals, making them critical influencers in the purchasing process. We live in a world of changing media consumption and high consumer expectations. This makes the speed at which we build and release apps – and thus developer man-power – critical for organisations looking to adapt, innovate or transform.

At the same time, competition to recruit and retain the best technical talent is at an all-time high, as brands look to create engaging experiences for consumers. Communicating the right company values and culture is key to attracting developer candidates, which makes having a strong employer brand proposition key.

Yet despite all these factors, developers are still off-limits for most conventional communications programmes, with the community largely remaining skeptical or highly cynical about attempts made by companies to communicate with them.

At 3 Monkeys | Zeno, we’re delving deeper into the role developers play within industry and what they are looking for from employers. In addition to the influencer relations and employer brand campaigns we’re running for our clients, we’re launching a Developer Advisory Board to uncover fresh insights into their role and influence, as well as the dos and don’ts for brands looking to take a more tailored approach to developer relations. This year, we’ll explore how developers evaluate technologies, make strategic decisions, as well as their values and passion points.

For more information on 3 Monkeys | Zeno and our developer relations offering, please get in touch