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  • 6 October 2016
  • Steve Earl

Are our monkeys, is our circus

What do you get when you mix 70+ communications monkeys, torrential rain, warm sunshine and a train ride to the outskirts of London with bullwhipping, tightrope walking and ukulele playing?

Answer: a bonkers summer away day. Monkey-style.

Off-site meetings have long been the domain of team-building exercises, which frankly can go either way – some spark camaraderie and live long in the memory, others can be a ritual humiliation best forgotten.

Monkeyfest – the 3 Monkeys |Zeno annual summer team away day - promised much and yet exceeded expectations. Shrouded in secrecy for months, when news came that we were heading to Richmond Athletic Ground for a day of circus skills tuition, we could have been forgiven for feeling a little apprehensive.

What we got was a day of side-splitting hilarity borne of bizarre antics:

-Ukelele playing: the sight of people you sit next to strumming through Teenage Kicks on what look like shrunken guitars was an odd way to spend a Thursday.


-Juggling: hand/eye co-ordination put to the test, and many came up short


-Tightrope walking: well it was only a couple of feet off the ground, but it’s the principle that mattersIMG_2480

-Bullwhipping: a cracking time was had, and a few misplaced lashes made their mark


-Sock-wrestling: what could be better for team-building than vicious one-on-one combat on a mat in a marquee while berated by a Victoriana ringmaster?


A day that started with a dash for shelter when the heavens opened, but ended with more of saunter back to the station after a couple of hours in the bar.

Monkeyfest 2016: an away day it will be difficult to (big) top.