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  • 4 June 2019
  • David Lucas & Rob Stone

Apple moves into privacy with latest iOS features

As Apple announces a new ‘Login with Apple’ feature that lets internet users sign up for websites and apps by linking them to their Apple ID, David Lucas, our Head of Technology, and Rob Stone, our Digital Strategy and Innovation Director, share their thoughts on what this means for the industry and consumers:

David: “For many people, Facebook is the default option when signing up to new websites or apps – it’s not surprising as it’s easy and avoids the challenge of remembering multiple passwords. But, although many of Facebook’s current challenges around data privacy have been brought around by partners or others, it’s no longer seen as a safe guardian of personal data. Apple’s share of market on devices – combined with its relatively strong reputation on privacy – means that we can expect many consumers to start using ‘iPrivacy’, especially since it offers two factor authentication through Apple hardware.

“For Apple, it will be important to maintain this reputation to attract users to the service and, ultimately, keep them locked into their ecosystem. With the brand also facing criticism over whether its App Store is a monopoly, it will also need to avoid this launch being seen as another way of controlling users’ within its services.”

Rob: “I just don’t think these big companies are anywhere near as poor at security as people think. The media are quick to jump on any breaches, especially when they are associated with companies like Apple, Google or Facebook, but the reality is there have been very few direct data breaches – the majority of the ones people would point to are generally third parties involved with the software or data in some way. That’s not to say that some practices haven’t been borderline, but the risks as a general user aren’t as bad as you might think”

“I’d have zero problem using a login like this from a data perspective. If I’m already trusting Apple with everything on my phone and iCloud, why not logins too? Standardisation here absolutely helps me as a user, as long as they keep things frictionless and user-friendly, I’m going to keep using their services.”