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Our Culture

We are purpose driven and committed to a culture that invites everyone to be their authentic self, to push limits and to embody our Fearless Pursuit of the Unexpected’.

At Zeno, fearless” is not just a mantra for how we do business. It’s also about the culture we strive to cultivate, and our constant pursuit of a dynamic, inclusive workplace. Zeno is for everyone.

We are shaping an environment that welcomes every race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, religion, nationality, citizenship, age, ability and political affiliation. Zeno is committed to fostering a global workforce where all employees feel valued, included and empowered.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is first and foremost a moral and ethical imperative that speaks to our core values. We also know that a diverse workforce drives greater innovation.

In whatever aspect of life you consider yourself diverse, you are welcome at Zeno.


Our Values

We push ourselves and each other into the unexpected.

We work together to get somewhere better. 

We pave the way for our people to make big things happen.

We’re a place where everyone can be seen and valued as their true authentic selves. 

We communicate openly and directly, always acting with empathy.

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Our Sustainability Commitments

Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a fundamental expectation that we are placing at the heart of our business.

Working with The Sustainability Group, we have been auditing and assessing our sustainability impact and identifying priorities for 2022 and beyond. This comprehensive audit identified five areas for action – Climate, Economic, Social, DE&I and Environmental impact. Combining our long-term and short-term ambitions, we have created 22 for 22 pledges that will ensure 3 Monkeys Zeno becomes a better, more sustainable, and more ethical business now and in the future. And to ensure accountability, view our pledge’s here.

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