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Evolving Technology Communications

Today, we held a breakfast at Sartoria restaurant for technology brands, to discuss the evolving nature of technology communications. The past decade has been an exciting time for technology comms. Tools that were once the realm of the IT department are now just as likely to be used across the whole company.

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CommsCon Insights: 5 key takeaways for the communications industry

In the hopes of deepening my understanding of how the communications industry can better prepare for Artificial Intelligence (AI), I attended CommsCon Insights, hosted by Cision at The Ministry of Sound. The event concentrated on comms measurement and proving ROI in an era where AI and machine learning are looking to transform the PR industry. The event also looked at the importance of maximising authenticity, humanity and creativity in PR as these technologies continue to evolve.

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What did London Tech Week teach us about the industry’s future?

Launched with pledges around UK investment in AI and the news that the country is the third biggest producer of unicorn tech start-ups, London Tech Week saw a slew of events taking place across the capital. Our Technology team was on hand to support clients and scope out the latest trends during the week’s activities – here are three things we learned:

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The resurgence of iPods, vinyls and cassettes, and what this means for brands

The recent launch of a new iPod range by Apple turned some heads. In an era where streaming dominates and our phones can store most of our favourite tracks, why would anyone buy an iPod?

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Apple moves into privacy with latest iOS features

As Apple announces a new ‘Login with Apple’ feature that lets internet users sign up for websites and apps by linking them to their Apple ID, David Lucas, our Head of Technology, and Rob Stone, our Digital Strategy and Innovation Director, share their thoughts on what this means for the industry and consumers:

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The Monkey Say Podcast

Voice is in vogue. Driven by the rise of podcasts and the growth in adoption of voice assistants, the spoken word is increasingly a marketing channel in its own right.

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Smarter Comms: Digging below the surface with data

When it comes to PR, you could be forgiven for ignoring the role of data. In a choice between the spreadsheet and celebrities, experience shows that one leads to big launch events, product drops and travel. The other involves cells and formulas.

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Clock strikes GDPR – why it’s big news for PR

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) countdown clocks strike 00:00:00, we must all be wondering, what on earth does GDPR mean? Another acronym to remember. Another agenda point in the boardroom. Another ‘investment’ line on the balance sheet. Today marks a new era for data protection. Sounds epic, doesn’t it?

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Why Brands Need to Tune Their Ears

Data analytics. Data-driven brand storytelling. AI as an engagement channel. Social listening playbooks. Multi-channel content strategies.

These may all be part of the arsenals of the modern brand seeking to engage with its audiences and drive value from more sophisticated kinds of communication. But as guests at an event run by one of our analytics tools partners NewsWhip heard last night, before they can really hope to drive value and be better at digital communications, brands first need to make sure they’ve got a good pair of ears and are using them well.

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