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Our news: To The Next Chapter

There’s a real ‘back-to-school’ vibe in the air this week. The beginning of September is a turning point as summer ends, schools reopen and our office officially welcomes us back – well some of us at a time, at least.

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Brand-agility and the New-Next

Like us all, brands continue to lockdown and take a ‘wait and see’ approach, with long-term planning still on the back burner. On paper, this seems a logical move, everyone is doing it, but whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

Who dictated you cannot maintain broad brand-building reach during a pandemic? The reason of brand inaction, or limited action, remains to avoid ‘insensitive selling in dark times’, but who is saying ‘sell’, this is a brand building opportunity?

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The reputational opportunity for Burnley Football Club

Anyone that knows me or has even briefly met me will know just how much of a passion I have for sport. Watching, playing, reading about it. I can’t get enough of it. Like many, I have been absolutely starved since we went into lockdown almost three months ago. As such, the return of the Premier League last Wednesday felt like finding a natural spring after wandering through the Sahara desert for weeks. I’ve been lucky enough to witness genuine jaw-dropping moments in sport – Jessica Ennis-Hill kicking for home in the 800m at the London Olympics, Jonny Wilkinson’s last minute drop goal to win the Rugby World Cup in 2003, Helen Housby’s buzzer beater to win gold for the England Netball team at the Commonwealth Games a couple of years ago, AGUEROOOOOOOOOOO…. There are too many to list.

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Unveiling The 2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose Study

With the backdrop of a pandemic, massive civil unrest and racial injustice, companies around the world are stepping up to stand for something more. At a time when all eyes are on companies to advance positive change, brands leading with Purpose will yield stronger reputation, brand affinity and bottom-line results.

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Nice guys finish last. Only the good die young. Greed is good. These messages have been permeating society for decades now – and you would be forgiven for reaching the conclusion that it’s only getting worse.

Let’s face it, in the era of Trump, Bolsonaro and Brexit the public mood has been one of division and, at times, naked self-interest.

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Pressure Testing Purpose & The Path Forward

Last August, 181 CEOs signed the Business Roundtable’s updated “Purpose of a Corporation” statement, committing to lead their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders.

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Well this is all a bit strange......

Starting a new job, like I did just a few weeks ago, can involve a rollercoaster of emotions; excitement, apprehension and sometimes intimidation, but adding in the possibility of never meeting the team and being completely alone at home on your first day, having yet to step foot in the office, is beyond surreal!

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Doing Digital Good

On and offline, brands have been trying to do their bit by bringing people together in this unknown time. Below are some of our favourite ways’ brands are doing their bit during the COVID-19 outbreak…

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2020: Anything but Business as Usual

Just over a month old, the year is already testing the smarts of Communicators

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Monkeys walk for mental health

As we enter this new decade, speaking out about our mental health is definitely becoming easier rather than something hidden in the shadows or swept under the carpet. Thanks to the high profile given to people’s struggles, as a society we are more aware that we need to help and accommodate those with mental health issues, with dedicated charities and workplace support being set up, and importantly – more available.

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