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60 seconds to enter; 4 hours to create; 10 minutes to shine; 1 (plastic) planet to save.

Forget the usual award schemes, where you send in your written entry and then wait to hear whether you’ve won anything months later in a large ballroom over a warm glass of wine and a chicken dinner for 500. This award process is in real time!

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3 Monkeys Zeno's Creative Director, Stuart Yeardsley, explores why some of the most successful comms companies flourish because of their capacity to debate awkward provocations

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Surviving and Succeeding at MWC

MWC is the biggest mobile tradeshow on earth, with more than 107,000 attendees, including 3,500 international media. The event always sees the world’s leading tech brands showcase their new devices and deployments and this year was no different. Two ground-breaking technologies dominated conversations and created an even bigger buzz than usual: 5G and foldable phones.

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Who doesn’t love a good Valentine’s story…

Valentine’s Day is one of the most competitive in the PR calendar – perhaps the only annual hook which sees more PR campaigns pegged to it is Christmas.

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Bravery: the unavoidable reputational asset

Middle-aged life is full of reminders that the years are clocking up.

A good example is when I got an email reminding me it has been five years since one of the books I co-wrote, #brandvandals, was published. It asked how things at the sharpest end of reputation management – protection against sabotage – might have changed since then.

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The power of sitting still: taming the monkey mind

Working in the communications industry can be a whirlwind of brainstorms, pitches, sell-ins and launch events. Days are fast-paced, fun and fabulous and most of us thrive on the adrenalin rush that comes with a win – whether that’s a piece of new business, a piece of coverage or happy client.

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Shelling out for Tortoise Content?

Might be my age, but sometimes I really appreciate things being a bit slower.

Which is why the old headline trick - use an emotive word to seize the eyeballs - did the business when I saw a conscious move to provide us with slow news.

Yes, not instant news, citizen journalism, live eyewitness accounts or anything like that. Slow news. Take more time, think, breathe, consider, debate. Like the slow food movement, giving you something a little more provocative to chew on.

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Perception and Prejudice – why seeing with fresh eyes is important at work

We spend our days helping brands communicate to their customers and prospects. We focus on understanding that audience, figuring out what resonates most and how we can engage best. And rightly so. But with the world, and consequently people’s behaviours and values, spinning so quickly, how can we ensure to keep pressure testing what we do?

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More digital magic to come from the Monkeys

We’re happy to report that Robert Stone has joined us as our new Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation as we ramp up our digital capability.

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Cannes You Survive?

Lessons from Cannes Lions Festival 2018 from a wide-eyed newbie...

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