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New blog: UK Hun? Has COVID created a culture of kindness in comms?

No this isn’t a blog about THAT runaway hit from the United Kingdolls – but if you do want a discussion about the merits of various Drag Race bangers (special shout out to ‘Break Up’), then hit me up.

Instead, this is a look at whether COVID is fostering a new era in consumer PR – whether it’s creating a culture of kindness, forcing us all to dig deeper into how brands can support consumers and deliver genuine value to them and their communities.

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New work: TheFork’s Back to the Restaurant event

To celebrate the launch of TheFork in the UK, and to raise awareness of its Back to the Restaurant event we conducted some consumer research and hosted a radio day, discussing what Brits are missing the most about holidays in lockdown and where they can try tasty food from all over the world for great prices without the need to fly.

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New work: Stella Artois - Together again, safely apart

As the country eagerly awaits the re-opening of its much-missed pubs and bars, Stella Artois partnered with Studio Number One, founded by world-renowned street artist Shepard Fairey.

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3 Monkeys Zeno show up at Most Connected Brands Event

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the Opinium “Most Connected Brands 2019” launch with Contagious.

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From Bars to Brands

If someone had told me a year ago that in one year I’d no longer be working as a mixologist in bars and I’d be working for some of the biggest drinks brands in the world, I’d have been more likely to believe someone telling me Scarlett Johansen wanted to marry me...

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Taking a plastic pledge

Plastic. It’s everywhere and in almost everything so there’s no surprise that it’s hard to break free from. Takeaway coffee cups, sanitary items, toothpastes, shavers, balloons, soap dispensers, pre-packaged food, bin liners, straws, takeaway cutlery & containers… the list goes on.

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Why was the 2019 FIFA World Cup such a big deal for Women’s football?

Why has interest grown so spectacularly for the women’s game this year? A record 26.5m people tuned-in to watch England’s last hurrah in this year’s FIFA World Cup, blowing 2015’s peak viewing of 2.4million well out of the park. Not only did fans across the country get wholeheartedly behind their team, but brands did too - Budweiser, Lucozade and Nike creating sponsorship campaigns that shined a light on the Lionesses.

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How KFC got witty to avoid becoming a joke

When a fast-food chicken restaurant can’t supply its stores with chicken, it’s not just a frustration for customers. It’s clucking awful. And it goes against everything the convenience brand KFC stands for.

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