Case Study



  • Coverage: Achieved 36 pieces of media coverage to date across national, marketing and trade publications, both in print and online
  • Reach: Campaign reached 32 million people
  • Social Media: 464 mentions of the @BingAds twitter handle, and #BingBites reached over 808,000 people
  • Engagement: 16,000 engagements with #BingBites hashtag on social media

Demonstrating why ‘Bing is bigger than you think’

Utilising Bing’s sponsorship of Advertising Week Europe to…

  • Increase awareness of Bing as a search advertising partner
  • Drive brand relevancy through thought leadership and product education
  • Create excitement and industry buzz around the brand

We delivered a content marketing approach across paid, owned and earned channels, including the creation of bespoke thought leadership content to support all keynote speakers at AdWeek.

Ten infographics aligned to key event issues were distributed to media, as well as #BingBites drops to key industry influencers showcasing Bing’s activity.

All engagement was aligned to drive ‘Bing is bigger than you think’ messaging with #freshcuts from the event shared to interested media outlets on a daily basis.

Event content was supported across the Microsoft News Centre driving wider awareness across Microsoft’s international community.