Painting of a cat
The Beeb Creates A Buzz
If I had a pound for every conversation I’ve had in the last month along the lines of ‘can we make the content a bit more like BuzzFeed?’, I’d have about 12 pounds by now. Which might sound a l ...
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Pebble watch
Bring Your Own… Job? – Wearable Tech Brings New Desirable Skills for Employers
BYO – a concept we've been talking, reading, seeing (but perhaps not all doing), for a long time now. Who wouldn’t rather use their iPad than an ageing PC given the option? But whilst choice can be ...
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Boy playing video games
Gamification: Is it Good for your health?
One of the benefits of being married to a nurse, apart from coping with the deadly man-flu, is that I’m always able to put my own stress and strife into perspective – especially with the age old sa ...
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What Makes a Video go Viral?
In recent years, online and social media have come to play an increasingly significant role within brands’ communication objectives. The availability of smartphones, tablets and personal computers ha ...
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