3MZ Netball
Practice Makes Perfect!
Netball is a word that many haven’t heard since prep school – and can often bring back fairly traumatic memories. Whether that’s playing on-court in the depths of winter, or highly competitive gi ...
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NYC - Manhattan
Zeno Healthcare: Going Global in NYC
We’ve literally just touched down on UK soil from the annual Zeno global health practice summit in New York. Bringing together colleagues from around the world the summit was focused on sharing best ...
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ECCMID 2016: the Rise of Antibiotic Resistance
Last week we attended the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Amsterdam. Over the course of the four day event an array of new and innovative data was present ...
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Why Young Britons Want Friendlier Brands
Digital media has prompted brands to adopt a friendlier style to communication. Now it seems young people want brands to not only say things in friendlier ways but behave like their best friends, and d ...
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What is a Brand?
Earlier this week I attended an event with the APG entitled ‘What is a brand?’, which reminded me of an essay of the same title from as far back as 1971 by the late Stephen King and made me questio ...
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3 Monkeys | Zeno.  Fearless.  Global.  Challenger.
Talk about excitement and adrenalin; cuddles and cheers; past fond memories; and future dreams. A veritable cornucopia of emotions and just #sayin’ totes appropriate given that, in just over a week ...
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